Long-Term Care / Medicaid


Medicaid is a health insurance program designed to provide coverage for medical services to eligible individuals with low income or disabilities. However, financial planning and advising may still be relevant for individuals who are eligible for Medicaid or who are navigating the complexities of healthcare costs.


We offer valuable assistance in navigating the financial aspects of Medicaid and long-term care,  that includes:



Medicaid Planning

We can help individuals navigate the Medicaid application process and understand eligibility requirements. We can assist in structuring financial assets and income to meet Medicaid's asset and income limits.


Long-Term Care Planning

For individuals who may require long-term care services covered by Medicaid, such as nursing home care or home health care, we can help develop strategies to afford such care while preserving assets and income.


Asset Protection

We can provide guidance on strategies to protect assets from being counted towards Medicaid eligibility or being subject to Medicaid recovery after death.


Special Needs Planning

For individuals with disabilities who are eligible for Medicaid, we can assist in setting up special needs trusts and other arrangements to ensure that Medicaid benefits are preserved while still providing for the individual's needs.


Tax Planning

We can help individuals understand the tax implications of Medicaid benefits, long-term care expenses, and any financial transactions related to Medicaid planning.


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